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The Grombly Boo

Once upon a moonlight, The Grombly Boo wandered up the dark path which led to the abandoned castle. The Grombly was very cross. He had been arguing and fighting with his brother, and so their Mum had sent them to their rooms for some calm down  time. However, instead of calming down, Grombly had carefully opened his bedroom window and slipped out into the night.

'I'll show them' he thought as he ran towards the ruined castle. 'I will go up to the castle and make my home there. I won't ever go back to my old home. Not ever. Not even if they beg'.

So he trudged up to the castle, still feeling cross at his brother & Mum. He reached the massive gatehouse of the castle. He had been up to the ruins many times and played inside the gatehouse with his brother. However, that was in the day time, suddenly he was alone and in the dark the gatehouse certainly looked more scary than it did in  day light. He was actually shaking with fear, but kept saying over and over in his head 'I won't ever go home, not ever'.

Grombly was just about to enter one of the towers of the gatehouse when he heard a loud shriek. Not waiting to find  out what it was, he ran back down the path, jumped in through the open window of his room and snuggled down into his warm, Grombly-Boo nest. 'I am not ever leaving home again' he murmured as he dozed off to sleep. 'Not ever'.

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