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Moreton Corbet Castle

Visited  August 2018

Location Nr. Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Entrance Fee No 
Railway Station Nearby No
Parking Yes 
Facilities None



Arriving here first thing on the morning as a final stop of our castle hunting trip, we had the place to ourselves and found the castle bathed in early morning light. What a sight, and indeed what a site!






There are basically two different styles of building at this site. The original medieval castle, started in 1200  was the first part of the site to be built, there is still quite a lot of it to be viewed today, including an impressive gatehouse. By the 1230's the castle was in ownership of the Corbet family, who gradually remodelled over the years. In Tudor times a range was added behind the gatehouse, although this was then demolished in  a later rebuild.  


The main change to the castle came in the 1600's, when Richard Corbet, who had been an ambassador in Antwerp, built a whole new south range next to the now crumbling original castle. This was built in brick and but with a face of stone. The style of the building was Flemish in influence but with Italianate detail. 


The castle was damaged during the civil war but later repaired and remained in occupation until the 18th century, when it was abandoned. The Corbet family still own the castle today, although it is looked after by English Heritage.






This castle is free to visit, and as there is a surprising amount to see that makes it a real worthwhile trip. There is lay-by parking just outside, and grassy paths around the site. These get a bit damp from dew in the early morning, and would possibly be muddy after a lot of rain, so bear that in mind. There is no shelter on the site if it rains, except for a small vaulted brick built cellar but you would not want to spend too much time if there, so it is advisable to choose a dry day to visit if you can. 


The ruins have good information boards dotted around the place to explain the history. The real plus point of the site is that the buildings are just so beautiful, especially the decorative carvings on the south range. 






There are no facilities at the castle at all. Do not let that put you off a visit as it is well worth it, but at the same time factor that into your visit so that you have alternative rest stops in mind!





More info:  English Heritage Moreton Corbet Castle

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