Kids Love Castles!

Well ours do anyway!! This website is aimed at sharing our experiences  of visiting castles with our two children . We have listed some of the castles we have visited as a family with photos, tips and comments. I have thrown in a bit of history of each castle as well, although mostly this is gleaned from guide books- sadly I can not claim to be a qualified historian!


Our visits span a period of eight years so far, so the children were young when we started, but not so young now! I think our photography has improved over the years too! As this is an on going project the site will be updated whenever we have more castle reviews to add. 






Most of the castles featured are within day tripping distance of the South West of the UK, which is where we live, but there are some holiday visits too which are further afield. I have included the date of our visit, the information I state was current at that time, but if the visit was a few years ago now you may want to check out the current situation yourself. I would certainly recommend checking prices/opening times before you embark on a trip. The official website of each castle is listed at the bottom of the page for your further information.




All the views expressed are my own , I try to be as honest as possible. The photos are all from our family album, the graphics created by my children. Please do not reproduce any of the pictures without permission. Don't forget to click on the photos to see them in full size.

Have Fun At Castles !!!


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 Update 2016


As promised we have updated the site with all our visits from last year. It was a great year for this site, we have seen our visitor numbers massively increase along with our castle reviews - we now have over a hundred castles listed, along with our section on abbeys which is steadily growing. We hope you will enjoy the site and keep coming back for more new castle additions! We have also made an experimental step into the world of audiovisual, see our short film of Dover Castle here. As always, let us know what you think- we love to hear your feedback!





May 2015


Big News!


With a further seven castles visited in half term, we have achieved our century! Unless I have miscounted, we have now posted reviews of 100 castles! Do you think we will get a telegram from the Queen? 


We have also reviewed Cardigan Castle, recently open to the public after a long period in private ownership. We believe we are possibly the first of the castle sites to visit and review  this newly refurbished castle. See our review here: Cardigan Castle


Don't forget to look at our 'Other Places of Interest' page, with recommendations of other places to visit, all tried and tested by the C4K team!




C4K- now in our 9th year of visiting castles!




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