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Coity Castle

Visited July 2010

Location Bridgend,Wales
Entrance Fee No
Railway Station      Brigend,approx.4 miles
Parking Yes
Facilities None, but a small play park opposite






'Marry my daughter, and you can have Coity Castle without having to fight me for it' said the Welsh Lord Morgan Gam to Marcher Lord Payn de Turbeville, or words to that affect. Payn de Turbeville was reputed to have taken the fair Sybil's hand, thus acquiring the Lordship of Coity. The romantic in me hopes they were happy together.

I don't know whether the above story is true or not, but it is a nice yarn to tell to the kids, especially on the journey to the castle. We arrived by taxi, mainly because we had gone to Bridgend by train, then found that Coity is one of those one-bus-a-day  type suburbs so it is not easy to get to without a car. The taxi fare was quite reasonable actually, and as the site is free, what we saved in entrance fees we treated ourselves to in taxi rides.

For a free site this is an extensive and impressive castle. Despite de Turbeville having re-built the original Welsh castle in the 12th century, most of the ruins date back to the 14th century, including a middle gate inside the bailey.

A visit to Coity Castle can easily be combined with a visit to Newcastle, in central Bridgend. Be warned before you go- neither sites have any facilities whatsoever!!!






More info:  CADW Coity Castle

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