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Bossiney Castle

Visited May 2013


Location Bossiney, Cornwall
Entrance Fee No
Railway Station Nearby No
Parking Yes- Roadside
Facilities None








Technically this is just a motte, as no remains of the original castle exist anymore. The motte is at the back of a Methodist chapel, there is no public access, but it can be viewed easily over the fence into the field.


There are two main reasons for including it on this website. Firstly, this is Cornwall and so King Arthur legends abound. The legend connected to Bossiney Castle is that the knights of the round table are actually sleeping below the motte, along with the round table itself. It is said that they will rise up again at such time that England needs them (um, in your own time then lads!)


The second reason is that Bossiney is just outside Tintagel, if you are heading to Tintagel Castle from the direction of Bude then you will be driving right past anyway, so you might as well stop for a few minutes just to have a look. There are no facilities here, but it is so close to Tintagel which is a major tourist centre, so a few minutes drive will bring you to all you require.


The castle here was actually built by Robert of Mortain, half- brother of William the Conquerer, so the wrong era for an Arthurian connection, but it is a nice legend to regale the children with on the way to Tintagel.



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