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Angers Castle, France

Visited July 2022

Location Angers, France
Entrance Fee Yes
Railway Station Nearby Yes
Parking City Centre
Facilities Gift Shop, Toilets








We were passing through Angers briefly on our way to continental escapades, and as we never pass up an opportunity to visit a castle, we had a quick stop to get a closer look. This is our very brief review of an hour long visit.


Angers Castle is a stunning medieval fortress, situated on the river Maine in western France. It was built with a mixture of light and dark stone, giving it a unique striped effect, but is also an incredibly strong defensive castle, which was never taken in battle, despite the attempts of several armies to besiege it.


Today it sits peacefully in the town of Angers, and is a major tourist attraction in the area. It houses a large collection of tapestries, including the medieval Apocalypse Tapestry, but unfortunately due to a tight time schedule we did not manage to go inside to see them.


The grounds surrounding the castle are beautifully landscaped and are a pleasure to stroll around. There is a cafe and toilets on site, but also plenty of other facilities in the city of Angers. If you are in that area of France it is well worth a visit, it is a shame we had such little time on this occasion but it has definitely made us put it on our list for a return visit someday.




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